27 June, 2014


I like writing
I like reading

but most of all, I like thinking.

I think 60%
I write 15%
I read 25%

Maths, ya'll.


and please, somebody...anybody...
What's to happen to a girl that checks justinbieberzone.com &  sufjan.com every day???????

04 May, 2014

Gymnastics and Such

When I was but a wee tot, my mother kindly enrolled me in the local YMCA gymnastics program.

You know the like:
Balancing Beams
Pseudo Yoga Moves

Anyway, the best part about this experience for me wasn't necessarily the challenge nor thrill of balancing on that beam or imagining myself in the 2000 Summer Olympics, it was meeting a girl by the name of Hope. We got along so well and I always felt uplifted after spending time together in gymnastics world. I remember telling her, "I like your name!" and contemplating whether or not I could ever name a child *"Faith" or "Hope" someday. The answer is probably not. But that's not the point. So.

*Tangential side-note: I currently teach an incredible and inspiring young human named Faith that I will miss very much after this school year's over. (School's over so soon...). 

I've been contemplating hope lately. Not the afore-mentioned childhood friend, but the actual Christlike quality and gift from God. This is probably due to the fact that I've recently been experiencing/anticipating many transitions in my life which are proving to be rather vulnerable and challenging gigs.

Well, in the midst of all the change, I'm being reminded that hope is something I take for granted and something I desperately need and need to work for. I believe in hope and that more hope is possible.

The lesson in Relief Society today happened to be on hope (#tendermercy) and I wanted to share the two talks I'll be studying this week, in case anyone else feels so inclined to join.

There is Always Hope  (Groberg) "A person without hope is like a person without a heart; there is nothing to keep [her] going. As the heart gives life to the body, so it seems that hope is an enlivening influence to the spirit--which is the real us." 

The Infinite Power of Hope  (Uchtdorf)
Here's to a hope-filled new week & new month of May. 

01 April, 2014

via Magical March Portfolio

"I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.

I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle these 3 things: 
a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas lights. 

I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life. I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same thing as making a 'life'..."

-Maya Angelou 

19 February, 2014

*Nothing & Everything

Feliz Dia del Amor y el Amistad 2014

"Life remains a blessing... you should love your crooked neighbor with your crooked heart"
-W.H. Auden, As I Walked Out One Evening 

This year's Valentimes Story [in fragmented list/visual form]: 

Found a heart-shaped muffin from sk w/a note on my car in the frigid morn which I promptly devoured
Taught all the best humans @the best job
Basketball practice
Sushi eatings
Barnes & Noble

Spontaneous visit to the Science Fiction Writers Convention @the Marriott (in downtown Provo) with random delightful signs like seen above. 

Tried to go to the new Pioneer Book but it was closed so a mini-photo shoot sufficed
Maesar School visit and the great Tree Branch Face-Attack
Searched for a dance party to join, but stumbled instead upon a couple slow dancing in a church parking lot. Dreamy.
Yogurtland treat world

The night previous, I had attended a Mates of State concert @Velour with some great people and then the day after Valentine's, I went up Big Cottonwood canyon to sled,  and then made pear gorgonzola pizza whilst watching the ever-classic Princess Diaries.

Valentimes remains one of my most favorite of times.

Valentine's 2013201020092008
*coincidently, I used this same title for the 2009 post but didn't realize it until looking back through the archives...

01 February, 2014


At the end of each month for this year, I'll be doing a sort of review of a dozen things/loves/people/music/events/highlights from that month. 
Here's to following the dream of 2014. 

1- LP Girls' Bball
Ah, the all-consuming part of present life as I know it. The sophomore team I coach with is undefeated in league (12-2 overall) & the varsity is in 2nd place right now. Incredible improvements from last year's season of 2 total wins. I love those girls and the coaching staff. It's so incredible to be around people with the mind of a champion; we're talking some amazing mental toughness, people.

2- Hedgehog Perfection
I can't even handle how receiving this picture in my inbox made me smile and feel happy after a crazy day of living life. God bless all the beautiful hedgehogs and friends who send me such delights. 

3- Finishing my stay in Paris via the LPHS creative writing class.
I loved the students in this class, the instructive and inspiring teaching. and the OPEN MIC FINAL (jan. 10). It helped me remember to write and think and be alive, etc.

4- Lucious (musique)
A friend gave me a copy of their latest album and it was my commute-jam to work for January. My fav. is "How Loud Your Heart Gets" (11:15). And for the record, I'm so not into those green shmock things, but I am into the weirdness/HOW BIZZARE element of their whole being, so it all comes out even, i guess.

5- Family Dinner/Celebration of Aunt Gayle
We ate really good food, toasted to a really great human, and laughed a lot round a big ol' table of mismatched plates & forks.

6- Vegas Reunion
A beautiful weekend of doing something different, spending time in the sun, and watching the Seahawks clinch a trip to the Superbowl all with these hometown best friends.

Also, meeting up with my cousin annie (who inspired this blog's creation so long ago in '07) and eating such delicious morsels together was so awesome. Love my family.

7- The Neighborhood Watch inaugural podcast [listen here]
I read 2 poems for this gig, enjoyed meeting new people, and felt inspired by Ben & Braxton's desire to do something awesome in this great community. My favorite part of the podcast was Micah talking about Mulan. My favorite song by Drew Danburry and Adam Klopp is the one about Erica w/the blue hair (about 39m in to the podcast).

8- Collaboration @work 
hallelujah for an amazing work environment and intelligent colleagues who push me to be smarter, better, faster, blah blah blah amen and always forever amen shalom.

9- Reading the CarlyBird blogpost about Hair and Fortune Tellers.
Simply delightful and funny and I liked it yo.

10- SODALICIOUS (30 W. 300 N.) 
I'm not a pop person. I remember begging my mom to buy Grape pop for us when I was in middle school (all my friends had pop in their lunches! and Nickelodeon had that Keenan and Kel show with Orange Soda and I just thought it would always taste so good, etc.), but being a good mom (aka "SO MEAN"), she remained strong and firm on WATER being the elixir to life. Bless you, mom, you were/are brilliant.

That being said, Sodalicious is one of my fav. places to go for a treat in Provo. I am obsessed with their sugar cookies. I buy one every. single. time. I RARELY get the soda there, but if I do, it's a dirty rootbeer. Delish. Some friends and I recently became SodaRoyalty when we were featured on their instagram feed. #bigdeal #yeahrite #whatevs #hashtagz4everrrrr #amen

11- Visiting Teaching 
I know. I know how this might come across, but I had a dream come true (made possible by MD, bless her soul/read her blog) this past sunday when Merrit and I made a little video of a lot of the people in our ward talking about visiting teaching. My dream was to have a Mormon Message type of thing with all the people in our Relief Society. Anyway, it happened and their participation made the lesson enlightening. I liked thinking about all the different and interesting experiences I've had being a visiting teacher/being taught. It was a good gig. Go team.

12- Steep and Cheap
I'm also obsessed with this website. It has these deals on gear that has me checking back alllll thhhhe tiiiime. I get teased for it even! TEASED! By the person who introduced me to the website, even!!! haha but really, if you need a good tent or sleeping bag or coat or wools socks or sunglasses (they're always SO ugly though. Don't even bother) or other random outdoor gear stuff, they have solid prices and make it like a fun (read: STRESSFUL) game to get the deal before it's over and gone. To date I have purchased a tent & shoes from them and have loved them both a lot. a lot a lot.

January went by FAST.
It felt like a cold sandal & a firm handshake.
I appreciated the departure from the past and the freedom of the future-now.
I'm looking forward to letting go of Justin Bieber & his craziness, a hair cut, and finishing out a strong basketball season.


30 January, 2014

I moved my bike into my room.

I moved my bike into my room.
This could mean several things.
It could mean nothings.

So, with that ambiguitous beginning,
let's pretend

let's pretend 'ambiguitous' is a real word
and imagine that haphazardly,

I am secretly planning a getaway trip & no one will notice if it's not in my room anymore because it's my room & I would be the one to notice but I would also be the one riding away on said secret getaway trip, ergo there would be no trace nor tip-off to others of such adventurings. Stealth.

Perhaps I just like symbols and the bike could be a symbol
for hope/joy/warmweather/friendship/learning/thoreau/cheese&crackers/farmersmarkets/freedom/etc.

Maybe I felt the need for constant company and this bike was not allowed to break up with me, move away, or pretend like we'd never met.

The colors. The colours of a party. A centurion-blue sky and a french sea. Sparkling flavored waters and soft-backed seats. All tell-tale makings of being A L I V E .

I needed to vacuum the living room and the bike was throwing off my vacuuming groove. This one is rather illogical really...I need to vacuum my room more than the living room so....

but maybe I was over
done with vulnerability
and sore seats
in the summertime.

With kindness as a possible catalyst,
My bike moved into my room

An empty space might be
a rather filling place to rest,


21 December, 2013


Patagonia / Worn Wear from george manzanilla @ rundfunk on Vimeo.

If film could accurately portray how I hope to live my life always and forever amen, then this short documentary (paired with Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom) comes pretty close in ideology to capturing that. I especially loved the distance hiker + the family in New Hampshire. Who's your fav?

In other news, I love Beyoncé's thoughts here in this clip:
"the reality is sometimes you lose...you're never too big to lose, never to good to lose...it happens when it needs to happen. My message in this album was finding the beauty in imperfection." 

"Nothing feels like my child saying, 'Mommy!'" <3 nbsp="" p="">

Happy Break World, e'erybody.